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Build Peace Now
by Canadian Peace Initiative

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The Visit -Print Art by Colleen Gray
Supporting Canada's First Artists The scope of Art for Aid project is to help connect Aboriginal youth to their culture through art - the foundation of which, is a full supply cabinet and the ability to have Elders come to the schools to teach endangered skills. For further information on The Art For Aid Project, or the current project under way, please visit us at our website at The Artist : Colleen Gray is a Métis of Mik’ maq heritage from New Brunswick and Irish heritage. She lives in the Ottawa Valley and hopes that through Art for Aid to connect First Nations children and Elders across Canada.
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Cultivating Peace
Copy of book by James O'Dea 'Cultivating Peace' described by Jean Houston as "At once tough and tender, this masterpiece is the finest map I know to the transformation of self and civilization
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The Art of Compassion
$250 or more - a copy of 'Cultivating Peace', also access to a moving documentary 'The Art of Compassion' - a story of healing from WWII prison trauma through nature, art and spiritual growth, in addition each donors name will be entered in a lottery for an original, signed painting (12"x28") by renowned Canadian artist, William Allister (1919 - 2008) who is featured in The Art of Compassion
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The Art of Peacemaking
The first donor of $500 will receive a documentary entitled 'The Art of Peacemaking' (that tells the story of the Gun Sculpture), along with a de-activated, flattened handgun which was part of that sculpture. The Gun Sculpture, made of 7000 deactivated crime and military weapons, is a powerful anti-violence statement created by Edmonton artists Sandra Bromley and Wallis Kendal. All other $500 donors will be given access to The Art of Peacemaking' documentary, the Art of Compassion documentary and James O'Dea's book, Cultivating Peace.
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